The Bible promises a special blessing to those who take the time to read the book of Revelation and keep the words of this futuristic, apocalyptic book. Gary Stearman and Todd Hampson take on the challenge of exploring a book that encourages many with its beautiful portrait of heaven and terrifies others who recognize the frightening things that will soon come upon the world.

Hampson’s “Revelation 101” tour is geared for the beginner, a real crash course into an oft-confusing and misunderstood book. Todd, a Christian cartoonist and animator with a love for Bible prophecy, has geared his one-of-a-kind books to reach young people and those who want a quick tour of the future. From the prophetic message to the 7 Churches, to that special door that opens in heaven, and on to the Mark of the Beast and the 144,000 Jewish evangelists, this fascinating interview is sure to open eyes and change lives.